February 26, 2014


AVISO+ is the reference portal for the altimetry.

It is born from the fusion of the CNES historic Web site AVISO and the Web site of the CTOH. It contains data, articles, news and tools to discover or learn more of the skills in the field of the altimetry through 4 key themes: the ocean, the coastal, the hydrology and the ice.

AVISO was the frontline of the activities of the CNES in altimetry. Products altimétriques stemming from the Service d’Altimétrie et de Localisation Précise (SCALP) of the CNES were distributed via the portal AVISO since 1998. Recently, AVISO became a reference for the international communities in oceanography and in altimetry with more than 5000 registered users.

In 2014, AVISO opens to other themes than the ocean. By becoming AVISO+, the portal opens to the hydrology, to the coastal and to the ice thanks to the site CTOH. It will supply to the users more operational products and an expertise via a more intuitive and more modern Web site.