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Science disciplines

Astronomy and astrophysicsPhilippe LaudetToulouse
Meteorological atmosphere and climateAdrien DeschampsToulouse
BalloonsAdrien DeschampsToulouse
Atmospheric composition and climateCarole DenielParis
Cryosphere and coastsAnne LifermannToulouse
Exobiology, planetary protection and exoplanetsChristian MustinParis
ExplorationJean BlouvacToulouse
Internal geophysics, geodynamics and geodesyFelix PerosanzParis
OceanographyAnne Sylvestre BaronToulouse
Fundamental physicsIsabelle PetitbonParis
Planets and small solar system bodiesFrancis RocardParis
Material sciences in microgravityThierry Bret-DibatToulouse
Life sciences in spaceGuillemette Gauquelin-KochParis
Sun, heliosphere, magnetospheres, space weatherKader AmsifToulouse
Land surfaces and biosphere, hydrologyPhilippe MaisongrandeToulouse
Tele-epidemiology, forestsMireille PaulinToulouse
Humanities & Social Sciences Céline CalleyaToulouse



Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales 2 place Maurice Quentin 75039 Paris Cedex 01, France

Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales 18 avenue Edouard Belin 31401 Toulouse Cedex 09, France

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