February 14, 2011

Hyères 2005 (balloons)

In order to define a set of guidelines with the European scientific community for its balloon activities during the next 5 to 10 years, CNES is organising a workshop to be held on May 27 in Hyères, France.
Cité Médiévale d'Hyères
Cité Médiévale d'Hyères - Crédit Office du Tourisme d'Hyères

This workshop is a direct follow-on to the similar workshops that took place in December 2005 at the “Observatoire de Paris” and in September 2008, in Pau, France.

After having drafted the largest review of scientific needs for experiments uploaded with balloons that has been provided to CNES and other operators of scientific balloons and expressed the needs for a better cooperation in Europe, the community to be gathered in Hyères will have to set up road maps for operations and technical developments of instrumentation.

The first step of the workshop preparation, driven by the Scientific and Technical Committee created by CNES and the CNRS/INSU took the form of a call for letters of Intent published in April 2010. Based on the results of this call, the following working session that took place in Orléans and additional preparation efforts, for each of the thematic fields (Atmospheric sciences, Planetary sciences, Astronomy and fundamental sciences, Life Sciences), three reports will be presented and discussed.

As an introduction to the workshop a report on the follow-on given to the conclusions of the Pau workshop, the agenda will include presentations by CNES and the other operators on there future capabilities. A final round table will try to point out the main key points of the road maps to be implemented, as answers to the main questions to be raised and recommendations. It is expected that the subsequent discussions as the reactions to the presentations of the updates of the European Balloons infrastructures and techniques, will allow the preparation of sound outcomes in terms of Scientific interests and technical implementation. By the way, this workshop should allow CNES to develop a roadmap for the balloons vehicles in the next decade in order to help the scientific communities to have a long term vision taking into account this kind of vehicle.

The composition of the Organizing Committee, the conclusions of the Pau workshop, the agenda and the location of the workshop are given here after.

Vue aérienne d'Hyères - Crédit photo : Office de Tourisme d'Hyères
Vue aérienne d'Hyères - Crédit photo : Office de Tourisme d'Hyères

Location of the workshop

Forum du Casino des Palmiers

Avenue Ambroise Thomas

83400 Hyères

Tél : 33 (0) 4 94 01 84 34 - Fax: 33 (0) 4 94 01 84 31

Please notice that there are several direct flights between Paris and the airport of Toulon/Hyères, as international connections.

How to attend the workshop ?

The participation to the workshop is on invitation and free of charge. In order to make the exchanges during the workshop sessions as efficient as possible, the Organizing Committee will limit the number of participants to a level (120 people maximum) allowing nevertheless a balanced representation of the scientific communities.

If you are interested to participate in this “Earth and Space Sciences in Europe using Balloons”, please fill in the form that you can find here after and send it by e-mail to : sylvie.retif@cnes.fr before the end of April 2011.

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