January 30, 2015

Universe Sciences

The objective of the Universe Exploration Program is to improve knowledge and understanding of: the Universe origin and evolution, the objects which make up the Universe (cluster of galaxies, galaxies, Sun, stars, planets, asteroids, comets, interstellar clouds, etc.),the Life emergence and propagation.


The program is structured around the following questions:

  •     Did life appear somewhere else in the Universe? In which conditions, on which types of planets, around which stars?
  •     Did life appear in the solar system somewhere else other than on Earth? What is the global function of the solar system?
  •     How did it form, how will it evolve?
  •     How did the Universe form, how did it evolve in different galaxies or stars? Qhat will be happen to the Universe?
  •     What will be the new physics that we will need to model and describe this very young Universe and its most violent phenomena?

The Universe Science Fields are

  •     Astrophysics
  •     Fundamental Physics
  •     Planetology
  •     Exobiology
  •     Sun, Heliosphere, Magnetospheres.


Every year, CNES calls for scientific proposals from space laboratories.

The proposals in these fields are examined by CERES (Committee of Evaluation for the Space Research and Exploration). CERES leans on thematic working groups of experts who are in charge of evaluating the research needs in each discipline. It ensures the connection with the CPS (Committee of the Scientific Programs) which prepares the scientific decisions taken by the Board of directors of CNES.

CPS examines the scientific interest of the research programmes submitted to the CNES as well as the scientific and technical capacity of proposing laboratories. It emits notices and propositions on the research programmes. It formulates, considering the available means, any useful proposal concerning the development of the space research in France.

Composed of a maximum of welve members chosen by supervisory ministries, it gathers personalities of the scientific world. Its Chairman is chosen on proposition of CNES.

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