January 31, 2015

Oceanography and cryosphere

This theme includes the study of:

  • Oceans: deep-sea - coastal - littoral, in their physical, biogeochemical, environmental, climatic dimensions, in all the scalesof time or space
  • Cyosphère for sea ices and glacial surfaces (except glaciers of mountain and snow)
  • Interactions of these domains with the atmosphere, the continents, and with the human activity.

Satellites offer a global, homogeneous, continuous and long-lasting observation of these environments very difficult to access in situ or in-depth; they require however efforts of research on:

  • the physics of the measure,
  • the definition of relevant observable
  • the calibration,
  • the validation
  • the elaboration of highly-developed products from space observationsthe in situ / models satellite integrationthe multi-parameters analysis for the understanding of the processesthe valorisation in societal applications.



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