February 3, 2021

Surfaces and continental biospheres, hydrology

The theme includes the study of the functioning and the spatiotemporal dynamics of surfaces and continental interfaces, under anthropological and climatic forcing.

It includes:

  • the functioning of grounds and vegetation (flows, balance sheets, processes...)
  • the cycle of the waterthe biogeochemical cycles
  • the nature and the evolution of the landscapes
  • the exchanges of surfaces and continental interfaces with the atmosphere and the ocean
  • the interactions between global changes and functioning of surfaces
  • the constitution of indicators for the environment and the societies

Remote sensing which is a major tool of observation, supplying relevant information on the state of the planet and our environment, while providing a complete coverage and a spatiotemporal resolution allowing to get the imprint of the anthropological activities, requires however efforts of research on:

  • the physics of the measure,
  • the definition of relevant observablethe calibration,
  • the validation
  • the elaboration of highly-developed products from space observations
  • the in situ / models satellite integrationthe multi-parameters analysis for the understanding of the processes
  • the valorisation in societal applications.