May 6, 2015

« XMM-Newton » catalog, fifth edition !

The European satellite XMM-Newton, launched in 1999, offers to the scientists a 5th version of its catalog and a sky map, more precise than never, celestial bodies and events of very high energy which emit X-rays.

A new vrsion of the xmm-NEWTON catalog

The fifth version of the catalog XMM-Newton has just appeared. With 565 962 detections, it is about the biggest catalog of astronomical sources of X-rays existing to this day.

We find as well objects of the solar system as the supermassive black holes nested at the heart of very distant galaxies.

[no-lexicon]Fruit of the work of the European consortium XMM-SSC (Survey Science Center), in whom participate the Observatoire de Strasbourg, the Service d’Astrophysique du CEA, and piloted by Natalie Webb from the IRAP in Toulouse, all supported by the CNES. "This new catalog establishes a gold mine for the whole international astrophysical community: in two days which followed his alignment, he received more than 300 visits!".[/no-lexicon]


 Program scientist: Olivier La Marle

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