6 Mars 2008

Appel à idées

"Earth and Space Sciences in Europe using CNES Balloons"

Call for ideas

In order to define a set of guidelines with the European scientific community for its balloon activities during the next 5 to 10 years, CNES is organising a workshop to be held on September 22-24 th 2008, in Pau, France.

The overall objective of the workshop is to provide CNES and other Agencies, with the largest review of scientific needs for experiments flying with balloons. This objective is very similar to the first “Balloon Workshop” organized by CNES, in December 2005 at the “Observatoire de Paris”. The first step of the workshop preparation took the form of a call for ideas published in February 2008. Based on the results of this call, for each of the three thematic fields, atmospheric sciences, planetary sciences, astronomy and fundamental sciences, a panel of international experts will prepare a “pre position” paper. These three papers will be presented to the entire community during the workshop.

23 responses have been received in the following thematic fields :

  • 13 proposals concerning atmosphere sciences (including 1 proposal common with astronomy sciences)
  • 8 proposals concerning astronomy sciences (including 1 proposal common with atmosphere sciences) 
  • 2 proposals concerning planetology sciences
  • 1 proposal is commo to all the thematic fields